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Core business

I work mainly on the Smart Objects activity, and I also teach digital electronics and controller programming.
My research activities are based on smart objects and contactless technologies: how do connected objects work, how do they communicate with each other, how can we make them as secure as possible?


My activity is to bring digital solutions for contactless applications and connected objects
On a project I'm currently working on, the objective is to spy on a communication between a contactless card and a reader, in a parasitic environment, like a subway train. The objective of this project is to create a portable element, like a briefcase.


I am attracted by computer security, a huge issue that will have to be implemented, especially on connected objects. We are seeing more and more attacks and it is absolutely necessary to learn about this subject.
The idea is that the contactless laboratory should have a security section for connected objects.

About me

Former ITII of ISEN Toulon, I worked 5 years at STMicroelectronics on different subjects and technological nodes. My missions were diverse and varied such as the design of test structures (layout), analog circuit design, validation of a coprocessor or the creation of an ASIC prototype reproducing the SHA-256 hash algorithm in the form of an elementary logic gate (VHDL) for secure content.
I had the opportunity to work 2 years at Intel in Sophia-Antipolis. My main mission was to develop and characterize SRAM embedded memories in 14nm FinFet technology.
Then, I worked 3 years at ARM France for the development of embedded SRAM and MRAM memories. My missions were to develop and maintain the Java code allowing to generate the different sizes of the memories, to verify the functionality and to do the characterization of the memories.
Today, I came back to ISEN as a teacher-researcher after 10 years of microelectronics to take up new challenges on IoT and digital security.

Areas of expertise

  • Microelectronics
  • Semiconductor
  • Digital electronics
  • IoT

Research and development activities

  • Development of digital tools for the Smart Object Lab.
  • Digital security project (coming soon)

Teaching activities

Microcontroller / Digital Electronics



"Improvement of MOSFET matching characterization with calibrated multiplexed test structure".

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