Benjamin CHALANT


Software development

Campus: Toulon
+33 6 18 07 39 70

Perseverance is very important. Never give up unless you have to.

Core business

I teach applied algorithmics in several languages. Algorithms are the study and production of rules and techniques that are involved in the definition and design of algorithms.
I also work in the RF lab, especially on the development of connected objects and teach the notions of IOT as well as the principles of software development in an embedded environment.


On embedded software development, we can be led to believe that connected objects will be an integral part of our daily lives, without being intrusive and with a certain ease of use in everyday life.


In order to carry out the various projects, I work in close collaboration with the members of the Software Development team, but also with the various laboratories of the school and in particular the RF laboratory.

About me

After graduating from ISEN Yncréa Méditerranée in 2016 through the ITII work-study program, I was directly hired in the company in which I had done my 3 years of work-study as an embedded development engineer. After several years, I had the opportunity to become a teacher-researcher at ISEN to teach different software programming languages such as C, C++ and Java.

Areas of expertise

The experience acquired in the world of industry through the various projects I have carried out has enabled me to develop skills in many areas of computer science, particularly in the field of embedded computing and in the various means of communication of objects. These skills have naturally led me to the world of IoT in which electronics, computing and connectivity of objects are combined.

Research and development activities

ISEN participates in research projects of very varied horizons and, as teacher-researcher, it allows us to diversify and to widen the field of our competences in our domains of predilection and others which can move away from it.

Teaching activities

Algorithm applied to C, C++, Java. IoT.

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