The associations

The associations

Community life and student associations are very important at ISEN, with students involved in at least one school project or association from their very first year!

8 associations and numerous student clubs organize more than 50 events and projects each year. Discover the missions and objectives that motivate these teams.

Junior ISEN Méditerranée

Junior ISEN Méditerranée is an association with an economic and pedagogical vocation but with a non-lucrative goal. Its functioning is faithful to that of a company, which allows the students to put into practice the competences developed during all their studies, by participating in concrete projects ordered by companies or private individuals.

Are you a businessman at heart, looking to earn your first sales stripes, or are you interested in communications or management? Are you young and looking to build up your CV or make yourself known to companies? Then Junior is for you!

Each year, the company recruits motivated students and an internal training program is set up. You will then know the workings of a company, from the management of a team to the mechanisms of company management.

Students' Office (BDE)

The Student Office or BDE is an association composed of 20 voluntary and motivated students. It is much more than a simple organization, it is the pillar of the student life. With more than 450 members, it is the biggest association of the school!

The main goal of the BDE is toanimate the student life. It organizes many events (parties, days, meals...) such as the famous Gala, the Halloween party, Saint Patrick's Day...

But the BDE is not only parties, it is also a platform of mutual aid which allows to ensure the integration of each one at best. It will allow you to take advantage of an integration weekend, a day of cohesion or even sponsorship evenings which will allow students to feel at home at ISEN

Moreover, it is also the interface between the administration and the students. Present at the board of directors of ISEN Yncréa Méditerranée, the BDE is there to carry the voice of the students.

Bureau Des Sports (BDS)

The Bureau Des Sports is the school's student association which aims to offer training sessions and competitions in different sports. 

The BDS has more than 100 members, 10 sports offered all year round, a dozen different activities and the possibility of opening new clubs on the condition that there is a person in charge who knows the sport and a minimum of 10 participants.

Sports: Football, Futsal, Rugby, Volleyball, Handball, Tennis, Badminton, Running, Cheerleading...

Monthly activities: Bowling, Skating rink, Karting, Paintball, Accrobranche, Laser Game, Hiking, Petanque tournament, Mini golf, Bubble soccer.

Event : SKI'SEN, a stay in a ski resort in the Alps taking place in February-March and open to ISEN students.

Arts Office (BDA)

The Bureau des Arts is one of the main associations of ISEN.
Its goal is to promote all forms of art within ISEN.

It manages and supports its member clubs:

  • ISEN Studio
  • Pict'ISEN
  • ISEN Music
  • B.D.esign
  • Cin'ISEN

ISEN Engineering

Founded in 1996,ISEN Engineering is a group of clubs that capitalize not only on the school's name, but also on the talents of its students, both in terms of creativity and the motivation they bring to their new technology projects.

What is ISEN Engineering this year?

This year, Isen Engineering has a go-kart under renovation, arcade terminals to refresh, an air-hockey, and an introduction to artificial intelligence and cybersecurity. We're keen to help you develop your projects, and to develop the projects that will be arriving in the course of the year, and which we'll be presenting to you at the end of the year with IE Week!

IE also includes events such as the Nuit de l'ISEN, a hackathon bringing together former students and students to solve a common problem in one night. We're organized into clusters, each of which has one or more active projects. There's Kart, Server, Innovation, Dev, Challenge, Cyber and Maker. We're sure you'll find a project to your liking.

ISEN Partage

The aim ofISEN Partage is to organize humanitarian and voluntary events to raise funds for charities outside the school. Comprising a general office, it is divided into various "clubs":

  • ISEN Environment
  • The Marauding
  • The 4L Trophy
  • The Mucofoot
  • ISEN Éveil/ ISEN Savoir
  • Rev'ISEN
  • Les Petits Frères des Pauvres
  • The Wikeys
  • ISEN Abeille

The office ensures the smooth running of the projects and organizes events throughout the year such as the food bank, the toy collection...

More than an association, ISEN Partage is also a way to exchange, to get together for the same cause and to share thedesire to support humanitarian actions

ISEN Promo

ISEN Promo is the association to promote the school during external events as well as to represent the school on different forums.

Its members are present throughout the year to :

  • student fairs (Studyrama, L'Etudiant, ...)
  • the graduation ceremony
  • open house days
  • the Digital Native Forum

The Promo also manages the school's Discord server.

ISEN Repair

ISEN Repair is an association dedicated to the repair of computers and computer equipment.

Its purpose is to help associations, schools and other structures that lack computer equipment.

The association's activities enable members to gain hardware AND software skills while doing a good deed!

ISEN Studios

ISEN STUDIOS is the audiovisual club ofISEN TOULON and its objective is to represent the school during different events such as the graduation ceremony, the open days and the BDE parties.

But that's not all! ISEN Studios also makes short films, from scriptwriting to final editing, to take part in the annual Nikon Festival competition.

The association is divided into two divisions:

  • Studios: video center
  • Pict'ISEN: photo center