Continuing education and VAE

Continuing Education

Continuing education is a learning process that allows an individual to acquire knowledge and skills. This type of training concerns those who have completed their initial training and have mostly entered the workforce.

ISEN offers professional certifications focused on state-of-the-art business skills. They are aimed at professionals who wish to quickly face the needs generated by the evolutions of their profession, to acquire an expertise in a targeted field or to accompany the strategy of their company.

  • Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA - Cisco) certifications
  • TensorFlow
  • National Instrument Certification
  • AWS Development (Amazon Web Service)
  • CAPM® from the Project Management Institute (PMI)


Furthermore, ISEN offers tailor-made training programs. We advise and accompany our beneficiaries upstream on the design and implementation of these programs oriented operational skills:

  • expertise and excellence of ISEN's teacher-researchers
  • an innovative, open and collaborative learning environment
  • a dedicated project team, close to your concerns, to co-construct your customized training program

Validation of Acquired Experience (VAE)

Valorize your experience acquired in the field?
Obtain an engineering diploma or a Bachelor's degree accrediting your skills?
The Validation of Acquired Experience is for you!

Why decide to do an EAV?

VAE allows you to obtain, in whole or in part, a diploma, a title or a certificate of professional qualification by validating the skills you have built up and acquired through your work. Any experience is admissible: professional, associative, volunteer...
It is a real springboard to boost your professional development, develop your employability and your career prospects or simply reinforce your self-esteem!

Who is ISEN Méditerranée's VAE program for?

The VAE at ISEN is open to all, whatever the age or the professional status of the candidate: employee, job seeker or individual having capitalized experience. The only condition is to have at least 1 year of professional experience in adequacy with the content of the engineering degree.

What are the steps, the cost, the duration of obtaining an ISEN diploma by VAE?

The first step is an individual positioning interview, then the candidate must fill in the booklet 1, an administrative file, to verify the conditions of commitment in the process. Based on this information, the commission will decide on the admissibility of the file. If the process can be pursued, the next step is to write the file of validation of the experience gained. This file focuses on the presentation of the candidate's experiences and the associated evidence in relation to the diploma. Once the file is written, the candidate must submit it and defend it before a jury. The jury will either pronounce total validation and award the diploma or partial validation and specify a complementary training program to obtain the missing skills. It takes between 6 and 12 months of preparation to obtain the diploma, but this depends on the pace and availability of each individual.

Does ISEN offer support for this delicate and demanding process?

Yes, without any obligation to validate the entire diploma. This being said, a methodical and organized structuring of the booklet N°2 is essential to maximize its capacity to bring the proof of its competences before the jury. We offer pragmatic and efficient solutions in an individualized course.

When to start an EAV? Is there a new school year?

There is no specific starting date. At ISEN, a VAE can be considered at any time. It is however necessary to take stock of one's professional project.
All these elements are largely detailed during the individual interview with the candidate.

What kind of support is available (financial/support)?

There are several possible financing options, depending on the context, to support a VAE.

Do you need more information?

Contact Frédéric Longobardi, head of corporate relations.